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tubesound - Announcement, see 832 kB
New audio high end products designed by tubesound
New high density graphite-carbon LP record improvement accessories (made in Italy):
  • turntable-mat
  • headshell
  • clamp
  • feet

  • Made from high density isostatic graphite
  • Advancing sound of every turntable platter (old or new concept)
  • Special graphite block (50 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm) feet for all audio equipment
  • Biological treatment with lemontree oil and beeswax

New Vendetta Research Version 3 (designed by John Curl USA)
  • The former SCP-2 is still regarded by many as one of the best phono preamps ever made.
  • Building on that tradition of excellence, Vendetta Research is introducing the VR3
  • Designed by John Curl, the VR3 is completely dual mono from the phono inputs to the actively
  • regulated, separate power supplies.
  • The highest quality discrete components are used throughout.
  • Each channel is servo-controlled allowing the removal of all capacitors from the audio signal path.
  • The VR3 is specifically designed for the latest moving coil cartridges.
  • The input loading is continuously variable between 10 ohms and 200 ohms and may be set to any
  • impedance up to 47K ohms.

New ArtAudio Trillium reference amplifier( designed by Tom Willis UK):
  • Trillium series monoblock and integrated amplifiers
  • 300B or KT88 with remote control
  • Patent pending autobias circuit (grid bias control)
  • Teflon valve sockets
  • Graphite base under the valve sockets
  • Silver wiring inside
  • more info ...

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