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ARABELLA floor-standing speaker

System Dynamic, 2-way, low loss vented port system (LLVP)
Frequency range (-6dB) 35 Hz to 35 kHz
Frequency response (+-3dB) 39 Hz to 25 kHz
Crossover type 2-way passive, minimal phase special design, driver delay and groupdelay compensated, transient correction module (TCM)
Crossover frequency 2.4 kHz
Slope 12 dB / oct
Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
Recommended amplifier power 15 to 150 Watt RMS at 8 Ohm
Recommended room position floor standing, 0.5 1.5m distance to the back wall
Vertical listening zone (+- 3dB) 30°
Horizontal listening zone (+-3dB) 40°
Bass-mid-driver 7 1/2" custom made, low distortion bass midrange
Dome tweeter 3/4" custom made, wide angle, gold coated textile dome
Harm.distortion @ 90dB SPL (80Hz-16kHz) 2.harmonic max 1% 3.harmonic max 0.5%
Sensitivity (2,83V @1m) 87 dB
Maximum sound preasure level 112 dBA stereo pair at 2 m
Dimensions W 22cm D 32cm H 109cm
Weight 40 kg / each

Basic Specifications

  • electrodynamic 2-way passive floor standing speaker
  • L L V P
    low loss vented port bassreflex system for uncompressed and tight bass response
  • pure two-way construction for best driver integration and transient response
  • ultrawideband gold tweeter for extended frequency response and superior stereo listening zone
  • minimal phase, special engineered crossover with driver delay and groupdelay compensation for time - coherent response
  • T C M
    transient correction module, focuse the different acoustic centers of the drivers into a single spot
  • high quality, custom-made capacitors and inductors, pair selected to 0,3% tolerance
  • Pawel Acoustics audio cable for internal wiring
  • A B C
    assymetrical baffle construction for superb stereo image
  • unique realistic 3 D - soundstage
  • engineered and handmade in Switzerland
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